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Center for MIS Studies (CMISS)

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Center for Management Information Systems Studies

The Center for Management Information Systems Studies (CMISS) is an interdisciplinary research center located in the Michael F. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma.  CMISS is a partnership between academia and business to share the knowledge, skills, and efforts of the University of Oklahoma's MIS Division with member firms in a framework that encourages innovation and productivity.  CMISS was created in 1996 to provide a forum for CIOs, their direct reports, top level IT executives, faculty and students to meet and discuss mutually interesting business issues related to technology. The Center contributes to curriculum development in undergraduate and graduate programs, provides scholarships to students, and supports faculty research activities.

Semi-Annual Retreats

Retreats to share knowledge about IT issues are held in the spring and fall, typically, on the OU Campus each year. Member organizations, faculty and students are invited to participate in these retreats.

2024 Spring Retreat Information

If you are interested in joining CMISS, please contact Clarke Daugherty or Dr. Radhika Santhanam.