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Online MBA FAQs

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Online MBA FAQs

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

The Online MBA is $985 per credit hour. Tuition and fees for the full 36 credit hour, two-year program is $35,460. Tuition is billed each semester and is the same for Oklahoma residents and non-residents.

When you apply to an OU MBA program, you will select the delivery option that works best for your schedule: either in-person at our OKC facility or online. The two MBA program options are two separate programs and cohorts, so it is not possible to switch back and forth between the two programs. If you start in one MBA program and need to switch to the other option, you will communicate with your academic advisor, who will best guide you in that decision. The tuition structure for the two programs is different:  In-person PMBA Tuition comparison 

The Online MBA may be completed fully online with no need to come to campus for any courses or to take exams. Prelude, our orientation before beginning the program, will also be delivered virtually.

The application and admissions requirements for the Online and Professional MBA programs are very similar. The only difference in requirements is that the in-person PMBA program requires at least two years of professional work experience prior to beginning the program. While we anticipate that most Online MBA applicants will have professional work experience and/or current full-time jobs, we understand that there may be exceptions depending on one’s situation. The Full-time MBA program, which is delivered in-person, does not require full-time, professional work experience prior to applying.  At this time, applicant interviews for all MBA programs will be conducted by Zoom.

Since Online MBA courses are primarily delivered synchronously, in the evenings, we anticipate that most students will be working full-time during the day. However, there is not a minimum number of years of work experience required to apply to the Online MBA. If you have questions about your work experience and how it might fit within the structure of the Online MBA Program, please contact

Both MBA’s are 36-credit hour, two-year programs. If you need to extend your time to degree completion, you have that flexibility, as well. Both programs are made of 24 credit hours of core courses and 12 credit hours of electives.

The primary difference between the Professional MBA and Online MBA programs is that the Online MBA does not offer the option to earn a specialized Certificate through your elective coursework. Instead, the Online MBA students will take their electives together as a cohort in a variety of areas to earn a general MBA.

Most courses will be delivered synchronously, meaning that you will have a set day of the week and time for your courses. Online MBA classes are delivered Monday through Thursday from 7:00-9:00 pm. If following the standard, two-year program, you will take two classes a week.

Our Student Life office will organize online events. Online MBA students, if local to the OKC area, are also welcome to attend in-person gatherings.