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Current Companies

Boomer Buckle

Boomer Buckle is the first student-led western accessory company in the IBC community. Our belt buckle is something all Sooners can hold as a statement piece of Oklahoman pride and history. With a priority of quality and customer satisfaction, Boomer Buckle is eager to deliver an excellent and unique product to the OU community.

A portion of Boomer Buckle's profits go to Bethesda, a local charity that supports children who have been subject to sexual, physical, or mental abuse free of charge. Bethesda’s mission truly inspires our team. Additionally, Boomer Buckle is volunteering our time with Lake Thunderbird State Park to clean the park and maintain the natural beauty of Oklahoma.

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Sooner Flame

Introducing Sooner Flame’s Boomer Bonfire! To OU enthusiasts of all ages who want to cherish the warmth of Sooner Spirit, our Boomer Bonfire is meant for you. This open-flame personal fire pit is safe and simple to use, only requiring isopropyl alcohol, available at your local retailer. With the flame not rising higher than six inches, this portable and stylish fire pit is the perfect addition to any space!

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Sooner Stitch

Sooner Stitch is a student-led organization through the University of Oklahoma Integrated Business Core Program. This program provides students with valuable, real-world business experience by allowing them to form and run OU merchandise companies.

Our team is dedicated to merging practicality with pride through our meticulously crafted vegan-friendly leather toiletry bags, each embossed with the iconic OU logo. Our mission is to offer a piece of the Sooner spirit that accompanies you, whether at home or on the go. This feature celebrates the University of Oklahoma's legacy and connects alumni, students, and fans through a shared sense of identity and pride.

Part of the money used to purchase every bag goes back to the local community through Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Oklahoma, specifically the Norman location.

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Stadium Stacks

Introducing Stadium Stacks, the ultimate expression of OU pride! Our 22 oz color-changing cups switch from white to Sooner red with a cold fill, featuring iconic illustrations of Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Love's Field, McCasland Field House, and Lloyd Noble Center. Perfect for game days or everyday Sooner spirit, these cups are more than just drinkware—they're a symbol of unity and pride for the University of Oklahoma community. Get yours and join in the celebration of OU's legacy, one refreshing sip at a time.

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University Chills

At University Chills, we envision crafting a timeless and immensely successful product that brings people together to share and create unforgettable experiences. By relentlessly pursuing excellence and prioritizing customer satisfaction, we aspire to deliver the best product possible.

Introducing the limited edition OU Chiller! Featuring a 12-can capacity, keeping beverages cold for up to 10 hours, and made out of high-quality recycled ripstop polyester, our OU Chiller is the perfect Spring and Summer time accessory.

By purchasing our cooler, you not only receive a high-quality, limited edition product, but you also help give back to the local community. We are proud to announce that we will be donating a portion of our profits to Mary Abbott Children’s house and donating our time to Our Blood Institute (OBI).

Start your Spring and Summer out right with The OU Chiller. We thank you for joining us on our mission to deliver a product you will cherish and will help give back to the community

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