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Park on Campus

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Park on Campus

It's important to familiarize yourself with campus parking lots and garages. Certain parking areas are reserved for our students who live on campus, others for students who live off campus, and some for faculty and staff. A parking permit is required in most areas, but pay stations and meters are also available. 

Open this map (PDF) to help you scout out the closest parking lot to your destination. 

Student Parking Options

All students living in the dorms, except for Headington Hall, must purchase a housing permit. This includes Boren, Couch, Walker Tower, Cross Apartments, Headington Colllege, and Dunham College. 

Headington Hall residents should purchase a Headington Hall parking permit.

Commuter permits are available to purchase for students who are commuting to campus. This includes students who live in the OU Traditions Apartments. 

Law students may purchase this permit. It differs from the regular commuter permit because it allows them to park in the parking lot next to the law school. 

Evening permits are recommended for students who only have evening classes. This permit becomes valid at 3:30 p.m. whereas the other student permits become valid at 7 a.m. 

One day permits are recommended for students who do not need to park on campus everyday. They are $5 each and are scratch offs, so students can purchase multiple at a time. One day permits are valid in any student spot. 

Faculty/Staff Parking

Those who do drive to campus will need to purchase a parking permit, which provides access to parking spaces within a short walk of where you work. Faculty/staff parking permits are available for $326 and are valid from August to August.

Faculty/Staff also have the option to purchase one day permits. These permits are $5 each and valid in any faculty/staff spot. These permits can be purchased online or in office. 


Welcome, visitors! Get your one-day parking permit online before coming to campus or come to our office to purchase. One-day visitor permits are $3. Pay stations and metered spaces are available, too.

Disability Parking

Pair your valid university parking permit or visitor permit with a state-issued physical disability permit and park nearly anywhere on campus.

Reserved Parking

OU Parking Services offers reserved parking in two prime locations, the Asp Avenue Parking Facility and the Elm Avenue Parking Facility. OU students, faculty and staff may purchase a reserved permit for only $1,245 valid in either facility (reserved permits are only valid for one facility, not both). Spaces are reserved in the Elm Avenue and the Asp Avenue parking facilities from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Special Events

The University of Oklahoma is home to many special events, including athletic events, conferences and workshops. Individuals or university entities planning to conduct short courses, workshops, conferences or special events should inform OU Parking Services as soon as possible in advance of the event. Only OU Parking Services is authorized to commit or approve the use or closure of university parking facilities.

Permits are required to park on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday unless other arrangements have been made with the OU Parking Services.

Students, faculty and/or staff may apply in advance for visitor parking permits for individuals or groups whom they invite to the campus. Notice should be given to OU Parking Services in advance to make appropriate parking arrangements and deliver required permits, preferably one week in advance of the visit.