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What is IT Governance?

OU Enterprise IT Governance Director, Mark Ferguson, talks to a group about IT Governance

What is IT Governance?

November 15, 2023


NORMAN, Okla. - What is IT Governance?

"IT governance includes the people, processes, and structures necessary to guide decision-making around technology issues."
Source: Educause IT Governance Toolkit

"Basically, IT Governance is the people, process, and structures to guide decision-making," Mark Ferguson said in his 2023 Council on Information Technology Summit talk.

"It is broad-based, transparent, and strategic," Ferguson said.

Seasonal updates or upgrades to software tend to feel like a hassle. Or getting told the software you've been used to is changing to a different, although similar, product can be outright confusing.

These changes are not made at the flip of a switch. IT Governance at OU works to make sure technology decisions at OU are transparent, that they are secure from cybersecurity threats, and cost-efficient for the university.

"We work with an internal audit to identify and resolve systemic issues," Ferguson said. "IT Governance aims to align campus and mission-specific technology needs where possible, establish more effective, efficient, and transparent technology services, understand and manage University technology risk, and ensure that stakeholder groups are included in key technology decisions."