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Adobe CC Licensing Update

Adobe logo on top of an blurred image of students on campus.

Adobe Creative Cloud is Available to All Campuses

August, 2023


Norman, OKC, Tulsa, Okla. - All University devices now have Adobe software, which every employee can access on all three campuses.

In the past, individual purchase was required, usually for a singular app. Additionally, several lab spaces still did not have Adobe software accessible.

There are two license types available in the State Enterprise License at OU. Fulltime employees have full access to the Creative Cloud App, and part-time employees have a separate version of Adobe to install via this form:

Or through the Software Center on most OU-owned devices.

Additional apps will be available in the future for part-time employees. Many labs across all three campuses at OU, HSC, and Tulsa will now have this software available to install.

Adobe software is now available across all campuses and updates every day. For assistance, users can put in a request using this help form: