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Technology listing by room

To view a listing of the technology available within each centrally scheduled learning space, please see the classroom inventory spreadsheet.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact the Office of Classroom Management at or log a support request using our online form and a classroom technician will gladly assist you.

Scheduling & Management

The Office of Classroom Management, located in Room 233 of Buchanan Hall, is responsible for the scheduling of general purpose classrooms, event room scheduling, pertinent information for the class schedule (such as allocation guidelines, schedule changes, course grading and course cancellation), forms and class roll information.

If you have a question regarding classroom scheduling, need to schedule a general purpose classroom, or find out what technology is located in a specific classroom, please submit your request to or visit their website for further information.


PACCS stands for the Provost's Advisory Committee for Classrooms and Scheduling. This committee is charged by the Provost to recommend and maintain the standards pertaining to the design, furniture, and technology inside the classrooms across the OU Campus.

OU IT is a member of this committee, and adheres to the PACCS standards in regards to technology in all classroom spaces.  OU IT will consult with faculty and staff on any enhancements to the PACCS standard and ensure that the needs of the customer are being met.