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Disclose An Invention

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Disclose an Invention

A disclosure is the first step in the process of determining appropriate protections and commercialization opportunities for your technology. This document provides a confidential overview of the invention to the Office of Technology Commercialization, and serves as the foundation for future discussions about the best path forward.

To begin the disclosure process:

  1. Download the Disclosure Guide
  2. Access the online disclosure system here
  3. Choose the link to "Login using SAML Authentication"
  4. Enter your OU username and password
Disclosure Guide screenshot

An invention disclosure should be completed when an invention is recognized by the inventor(s). You must first choose the link to log in using SAML Authentication, and then enter your OU username and password.

Begin your disclosure



Disclosure Guide screenshot

Our Disclosure Guide is designed to walk you through each step of the online disclosure submission process. We encourage you to reference it often for helpful tips and references.

Download the guide

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