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The Simpson Play (Including Parts of the Arbuckle & Viola)

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October 25, 2016

The Simpson Play (Including Parts of the Arbuckle & Viola) Workshop

Purpose and Scope

This workshop will provide the most up-do-date and comprehensive investigation of the Simpson Group in Oklahoma. Important discussions will include but are not limited to stratigraphy, petroleum sourcing and hydrocarbon potential, rock properties, subsurface mapping, and structure. Many original maps and cross sections are provided in the publication dedicated to this important group of strata including sandstone, limestone, and dolomite.

Informational Flyer (PDF)

Brochure (PDF)

Program Agenda (PDF)


Simpson formations and their boundaries (PDF)
Ray Suhm, Consultant

Review of the biostratigraphy, correlation, sequence stratigraphy, and stratigraphic nomenclature of the Simpson and upper Arbuckle Groups in Oklahoma and adjacent States (PDF)
Jim Derby, Consultant

Facies architecture, sequence stratigraphy and depositional history of the Ordovician Bromide Formation (PDF)
Jesse Carlucci, Midwestern State University

Geochemical characterization of oils and source rocks from the Simpson Group (PDF)
Paul Philp, University of Oklahoma, The University of Oklahoma

Simpson, Arbuckle, and Viola reservoir distribution and productivity including conventional and unconventional reservoirs (PDF)
By Ray Suhm, Consultant

Simpson Group production in the Eola-Robberson Field, Garvin County, Oklahoma (PDF)
Jerry McCaskill, McEnco Inc.

Interesting reservoir parameters of the Second Wilcox (PDF)
Kurt Rottmann, Consultant


Open-File Report 3-2016: The Simpson Play (Including Parts of the Arbuckle & Viola), by Raymond W. Suhm. 15 Plates with Supplement. 115 pages, 2016. Text (PDF), Plates (ZIP), Supplement (ZIP), Table (XLSX). Also available for purchase from OGS Pub Sales.