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Oklahoma Structural & Stratigraphic Oil & Gas Workshop

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March 7, 2012

Oklahoma Structural & Stratigraphic Oil & Gas Workshop

Purpose and Scope

The oil and gas industry in Oklahoma has witnessed an explosion of new and exciting plays in the last decade and geologists, geophysicists, and petroleum engineers are once again on the forefront of exploration and development. As a result, there is an increased demand not only for experienced oil and gas professionals but young people coming directly out of school, almost all of whom have the technical background to succeed in a highly competitive market.

What many new petroleum professionals lack, however, is a broad knowledge of Oklahoma structure and stratigraphy —how do today’s plays fit into the broader picture of Oklahoma geology, and where might our newest successful ideas and techniques lead us to additional discoveries of hydrocarbons?

This workshop will address not only the needs of professionals newly introduced to Oklahoma’s long history of oil and gas development, but also those of the veteran who wants to “catch up” on new techniques and reservoirs.

• Are you an engineer well-versed in drilling and fracking the Woodford, but curious about what they’re doing to the Mississippian chat up in northern Oklahoma?

• Are you a geologist who’d like to take your expertise in the Granite Wash into the Ardmore or Arkoma Basin?

• If the Hunton dewatering play works in central Oklahoma, it must work elsewhere, but where?

These are exciting times in Oklahoma, but many of us are too busy to stay abreast of current developments or too busy to learn what’s outside our immediate areaof concern; this workshop will introduce newcomers to Oklahoma’s petroleum geology and enable veterans to catch up on new developments

Workshop Brochure (PDF)

Program Agenda (PDF)


The Arbuckles Below Your Feet (PDF)
Bob Allen, Consultant

From Feast to Famine: East Avard Cottage Grove Field Leads to South Alva Non-Field, Woods County, Oklahoma (PDF)
Walt Hendrickson, Consultant

A Regional Overview of Southern Oklahoma Structures (PDF)
G. Randy Keller, Oklahoma Geological Survey

The Anadarko Basin: Oil and Gas Exploration – Past, Present and Future (PDF)
John Mitchell, SM Energy

Cherokee Paleolithologies, Long Branch Field, Payne County, Oklahoma (PDF)
Greg Riepl, Consultant

Cherokee Platform and Nemaha Fault Zone (PDF)
Suzanne Rogers, Sandstone Energy

Arkoma Basin Petroleum - Past, Present and Future (PDF) and References (PDF)
Neil Suneson, Oklahoma Geological Survey

Dustin Field, Hughes County, Oklahoma; Booch Stratigraphy Dustin to Greasy Creek Fields (PDF)
Ron Woods, Consultant