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Mississippian and Arbuckle Workshop

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October 31, 2012

Mississippian & Arbuckle Workshop

Purpose and Scope

The Mississippian of the Mid-Continent has been an important reservoir to the Petroleum Industry. However, there may note a reservoir that has been as extensively drilled and produced as this and yet there be so little understanding for the stratigraphy that makes this play possible. How often have prospects been submitted with the back-up zone being the “Mississippian "simply because the reservoir seems to produce everywhere? Fortunately researchers have made tremendous strides in unraveling the complexities associated with the Mississippian Meramec and Osage of the Mid-Continent. It is known that various types of reservoirs exist within the Mississippian, but more importantly, details such as the depositional environment, tectonic antistatic ramifications, and internal facies geometric distribution for these reservoirs is also becoming known. And it couldn’t come at a more opportune time. With the advent of horizontal drilling, operators are finding that this method of drilling and associated completion offers them the potential tomake economic returns on their investment even with very high drilling and completioncosts. But this success depends on the operators understanding the reservoir.

The Oklahoma Geological Survey recognizes this need. One of the Survey’s primary responsibilities is to compile and disseminate information operators need to enhance their chance for success. Mississippian and Arbuckle workshop, to be given on October31st, will be devoted to this goal. Papers will be given on subjects that will help operators understand the Mississippian, from its depositional environment and stratigraphy, its regional extent, electric log evaluation, reserve analysis, horizontal drilling techniques and completion procedures. Also, as a deviation from the norm, a paper will be given on the Arbuckle Group. The Arbuckle is actually an important component to the Mississippian Play, in that it provides the means for operators to dispose the tremendous amounts of water that the Mississippian produces. The Arbuckle paper will focus on its depositional history, diagenesis, and potential economic development of its own. With the drilling and logging of Arbuckle disposal wells, potential hydrocarbon zones may have been overlooked but definitive on modern well logs.

Informational Flyer (PDF)

Program Agenda (PDF)


The Unconventional Mississippian Play Early Producing and Completion Statistics (& Observations) (PDF)

John Paul Dick, Pinnacle Energy Services

The Mississippian of the Mid-Continent: An Overview (PDF)
Steve Hadaway and Kurt Rottmann

Concerns About the Potential for Induced Seismicity Associated with the Mississippian Play: Perceived or Real? (PDF)
Austin Holland and G. Randy Keller, Oklahoma Geological Survey

Lower Mississippian Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Dynamics: Further Insights from the Outcrops, Northwestern Arkansas and Southwestern Missouri (PDF)
Walter Manger, University of Arkansas

Anticipating Water Production, Reuse, and Disposal Volumes (PDF)
Kyle Murray, Oklahoma Geological Survey

KS/OK Mississippian Completions (PDF)
Hap Pinkerton, Bill Greiser, and Charlie Smith, Halliburton

An Alternative Method of Obtaining Open Hole Logs in Horizontal Wells - Examples from the Mississippian (PDF)
Rick Reischman, Thrubit

What is the Mississippian Play Without the Arbuckle and What We Need to Know About It (PDF)
Kurt Rottmann and Steve Hadaway