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Granite Wash Workshop

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Granite Wash Workshop

The Granite Wash: A Few Thoughts About the Big Picture (PDF)
G. Randy Keller

Granite Wash Overview (PDF)
Bill Greiser

Granite Wash Casing Profile (PDF)
John Ringhisen

Log Normalization and Categorization Help with Pay Identification (PDF)
Chris A. Talley

Improved Permeability Measurement using T2 Bin-Distribution and Bulk Volume Irreducible from NMR Tools (PDF)
Ken Huggins

What We Can Learn from Granite Wash Fracture Stimulation Pressure Response (PDF)
Bob Shelly

Buffalo Wallow Field Study (PDF)
Stephen Ingram

Buffalo Wallow Field Study: Taking the next Step (PDF)
Chris Stevenson

Magnetic Resonance Data Identification of Production in Difficult Carbonate Reservoirs (PDF)
Elizabeth Culp