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Gas Shales Workshop

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October 22, 2008

Gas Shales Workshop

Purpose and Scope

Shales account for 60% of the sedimentary record, but the recent increased interest in gas shales has spurred detailed research of them. This workshop concentrated on Oklahoma’s two gas shales, the Woodford and the Caney.

Topics addressed:

1. Gas shale coverage and distribution of producing wells.

2. Geochemistry: (a) K-U-Th spectral gamma-ray profiles to indicate depositional conditions. (b) Elemental analysis to enable field-scale correlations based on shales.

3. Completion techniques: (a) Advantages of horizontal drilling and multiple laterals. (b) Impact of mineralogy as determined by borehole image analysis.

4. Fracture techniques: (a) Ductility of Caney requires different approaches. (b) Use of microseismic to monitor and map fracture geometry.

5. Production trends: (a) In Ardmore Basin – commercially-reported data do not account for days when system is down or pipeline use is restricted. (b) In Northeast Oklahoma – typically is orders of magnitude less than in other areas.

6. Development: To decrease cost/lateral foot, design plan beforehand so downspacing is not necessary.

A field trip to examine Woodford Shale exposures in the Arbuckle Mountains and Criner Hills of Oklahoma was held in conjunction with the meeting. The field guide for that trip, Oklahoma Gas Shales Field Trip, is available as OGS Open File Report 2-2008 (PDF).

Informational Flyer (PDF)


Overview of Woodford Gas-Shale Play in Oklahoma, 2008 (PDF)

Brian J.Cardott, Oklahoma Geological Survey

Current Production Trends of the Woodford Shale and Surface to Subsurface Correlations of Overlying and Underlying Formation Boundaries (PDF)
Rick Andrews, Oklahoma Geological Survey

Spectral Gamma-Ray Response of Oklahoma Shales in Outcrop (PDF)
Stan Paxton, USGS Oklahoma Water Science Center

Geochemical Characteristics of the Devonian Woodford Shale (PDF)
Dan Jarvie, Worldwide Geochemistry

Caney Shale, Oklahoma's Shale Challenge (PDF)
Bill Grieser, Halliburton

Horizontal Well Planning within the Woodford and Other Gas Shales within the Mid-continent, USA (PDF)
Cameron Miller, Schlumberger

Using Elemental Chemostratigraphy for High-resolution Correlation and Improved Geosteering in Mid-continent Gas Shales (PDF)
Mike Dix, Halliburton

Microseismic Fracture Mapping Results in the Woodford Shale (PDF)
Mike Mayerhofer, Pinnacle Technologies

Woodford Shale, Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma: A Developing Shale Play (PDF)
J. Michael Party and Robert A. Wipf, Wagner & Brown, Ltd.; Jason M. Byl, Jeff Lawton, and James M. Hill, BNK Petroleum, Inc.

Shallow Woodford Shale Gas Play in NE Oklahoma (PDF)
John Coates, Coronado Resources

The Woodford Shale (PDF)
Sam Langford, Newfield