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Oklahoma and the Energy Transition

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March 31, 2022

"Oklahoma and the Energy Transition" - OGS Workshop 2022


The Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) is hosting a workshop on the role of Oklahoma in the national energy transition. Since before statehood, Oklahoma has been one of the most consequential regions for energy production globally, and today its economy is still deeply connected to extractions of energy minerals. The workshop will explore opportunities and challenges specific to Oklahoma and the midcontinent region presented by the national mandate for an energy diverse, lower-carbon future.  

The morning session will discuss oil and gas trends in the current high commodity price environment and the lessons learned for managing produced water in the last decade. The afternoon session will cover emerging opportunities in Oklahoma including carbon sequestration, geostorage, geothermal energy, and critical mineral exploration. Morning and afternoon session will be followed by an open panel discussion with the presenters.

Throughout the entire workshop, we will have relevant core on site with self-guided displays, as well as a student poster session. 


When: Wednesday, November 16, 2022  -  technical program, student poster session, and core viewing

Where: Moore Norman Technology Center - South Penn Campus. 13301 S Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (click to view map)

**Please note: We will make every effort to record each presentation and post these on our website within two weeks following the workshop.


Registration will open at a later date. Please check back!


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you're interested in sponsoring our workshop, please contact Molly Yunker ( to discuss options for table space and free registrations.

Presentations (subject to change)

Morning Sessions (8:45AM to 12:00PM)

8:00-8:45        Doors Open – Core Layout Ready for Viewing

8:45-9:30             “Oklahoma Energy: The State of the State” [Nick Hayman & Carl                                 Symcox, OGS]

9:30-10:00           “Use of Hydrocarbon Wells System to Harness the Geothermal                                 Potential of Oklahoma Sedimentary Basin: Opportunities for                                 Energy Transition and Workforce Development Geothermal in                                 Sedimentary Basins” [Dr. Saeed Salehi, OU])

10:00-10:30     Coffee and Poster Break

10:30-11:00           “Navigating earthquake hazards in the intraplate: the last                                            decade as a guide for the next decade” [Jake Walter, OGS]

11:00-11:30            "Planning for the Water / Energy Nexus in Oklahoma" [Owen                                        Mills, OWRB]

11:30-12:00       Morning Panel Discussion

12:00 – 1:00     Lunch


Afternoon Session (1:00PM to 5:00PM)

1:00-1:30             “Integrating Induced Seismicity with Fault Interpretation at the                                 Decatur, IL CCS Projects” [Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, UIUC]

1:30-2:00             “H2 Storage in Salt Formations: A Texas Perspective” [Lorena                                 Moscardelli, BEG]

2:00-2:30             “Geological Carbon Sequestration in Oklahoma: From Source to                                 Sink” [Fnu "Ming" Suriamin, OGS]

2:30–3:00        Coffee and Poster Break

3:00-3:30             “Lessons Learned from Galvanic Energy’s Smackover Lithium                                 Brine Prospect” [Brent Wilson, Galvanic]

3:30-4:00             “Overview of Cobalt Potential in Western Oklahoma’s                                 Strataform Copper Deposits” [Andrew Cullen]

4:00-4:30             “Rare Earth Elements in Sedimentary Phosphate: Solution to                                 the Global REE Crisis?" [Pat McLaughlin, IGS]

4:30-5:00         Afternoon Panel Discussion