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Lindsey Hunt

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Dr. Lindsey E Hunt is the Electron Microprobe Operator at Oklahoma Geological Survey. She is responsible for managing the Cameca SX100 electron microprobe lab and its dedicated sample prep lab. She has more than a decade of experience using electron beam instruments, including microprobes, and scanning electron microscopes (SEM).

She earned her B.S in Geology from the University of West Georgia (2011), which is where she was first introduced to metamorphic research using a SEM and microprobe. She received her Ph.D. from. Texas A&M University in Geology (2017), where her dissertation was focused on using mineral equilibria to constrain the H2O content of the Earth’s uppermost mantle. Since arriving at OU in May 2018, she has had the opportunity to work with many users from Oklahoma, as well as external users with academic and commercial interests. Lindsey also works with students on sample preparation methods and has served on several graduate student committees.

When Lindsey is not working, she enjoys reading and spending time with her two dogs.