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Junwen Peng

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Junwen Peng joined the Oklahoma Geological Survey in 2023 as a Geologist II to conduct research in fine-grained depositional systems and organic-rich shale successions. His research is focused on sedimentology, stratigraphy, and petrography of deep-water, fine-grained succession to elucidate general principles that can inform sediment transportation processes and deposition mechanisms. The results of his research can be utilized for paleoclimate and paleoceanography reconstruction, hydrocarbon resource assessment, and CO2 sequestration.

His previous research areas comprise sedimentary basins characterized by different tectonic backgrounds and geological ages, such as Cenozoic lacustrine rifted Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea, Mesozoic lacustrine depression of Sichuan Basin, Western China, Mesozoic marine foreland Kuqa Subbasin, Western China, and Paleozoic marine Permian Basin, United States.

His current research interests are as follows:

1. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the deep-water, fine-grained succession: emphasis on sediment transportation processes and deposition mechanisms.   

2. Petrography and reservoir characterization of the deep-water successions: especially focused on lithofacies variation, primary grain assemblage composition, maceral composition, diagenetic features, petrophysical and mechanical properties.  

3. Climate dynamics of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age: especially focus on using multidisciplinary approaches including geology and petrography to reconstruct climate perturbation and environmental change.

4. Petroleum system: both conventional and unconventional resources.