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Benmadi Milad

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Benmadi Milad is a Geostorage Specialist (Geophysicist III) at the Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) at the University of Oklahoma (OU). Milad researches carbon capture, hydrogen fuel, and/or natural gas storage, developing geological and plume flow modeling at different scales.

Benmadi conducts interdisciplinary research by combining geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and petroleum engineering to create predictive subsurface models for geoenergy and production. He employs experimental and modeling approaches, incorporating machine learning and statistical analyses of multiscale data integration such as petrography, core, logs, outcrops, seismic attributes, natural fracture, hydraulic fracture, and production data.

Benmadi's research focuses on:

  1. Assessing CCS commercial development, including site selection, feasibility studies, geophysical evaluations, numerical modeling, permit application development, and well designs.
  2. Exploring natural gas and hydrogen storage options to meet energy demands.
  3. Integrating sedimentology, stratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, fractures, and reservoir heterogeneity to better understand CO2 geological complex and risk assessment. 
  4. Conducting field trips and analyzing outcrop studies to improve understanding of the depositional environment, subsurface stratigraphic correlations, and predict lithology.
  5. Performing petrophysics experiments and modeling CO2 injections in core flooding systems.

Milad worked on various previous project including:

  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • Reservoir Characterization and 3D Static Geological Model
  • Upscaling and 3D Dynamic Fluid Flow Simulation
  • EOR Using In-Situ Generated CO2 in Porous Media
  • EOR and Asphaltene Deposition in Porous Media
  • Rock Properties and Resistivity Index

Milad taught the following courses at OU:

  • Reservoir Rock Properties (PE 3213)
  • Reservoir Rock Properties Laboratory (PE 3221)



  • Post-Doctoral Researcher and Adjunct Faculty in Petroleum Engineering – University of Oklahoma, USA 2019-2022
  • Ph.D. in Geology – University of Oklahoma, USA 2019
  • M.S. in Petroleum Engineering – University of Oklahoma, USA 2013