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General Interest

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General Interest

Explore the OGS Field Blog

Provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what Survey employees encounter when we trek out into the field.

Geologic Information

Meteor/ Impact Stuctures

Petrified Wood

Rose Rocks

State Parks

Nature Conservancy Preserves

Fast Facts: I-35 Rock Slide (June 18, 2015) (PDF)

OGS educational publication (EP10) about fossils for Grades 1-6 (PDF)

List of Mining Exhibits, Mining Museums and Mine Tours (PDF)

Oklahoma Geologic Time Scale (PNG)

OGS Brochure on Rose Rocks (PDF)



2014 - Seismic Monitoring Network Information (PDF)

2014 - Oklahoma Earthquake Hazard and Preparedness (PDF)

2009 - Oklahoma's Ice Age (PDF)

2009 - The Barite Rose - State Rock of Oklahoma (PDF)

2008 - Oklahoma Geological Survey Publications on the Arkoma Basin (PDF)

2008 - The Wonder of the Wichitas (PDF)

2008 - Oklahoma Geological Survey - History and Mission (PDF)

"2008 - Oklahoma Geological Survey - A Brief History - 100 Years of Service to Oklahoma 1908-2008 (PDF)"

2005 - Oklahoma's Industrial Minerals (PDF)

Public Presentations

History of Nuclear Frac’ing in the US: Have We Learned Anything? Slideshow presentation given by Neil Suneson at the University of Tulsa on Sept. 23, 2015. (PDF)

Petrified Wood in Oklahoma. Slideshow presentation given by Neil Suneson at the Tahlequah Rock and Mineral Society on July 21, 2009. (PDF)