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Teacher Resources - Earthquake Information

Are you looking for Earthquake Preparedness information for students?

Below are videos for three different age groups - choose your level and watch the short video to prepare your students for an Earthquake! These videos were produced with financial support from the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and FEMA


Elementary School



Middle School



High School

Teacher Resources - General Geologic Information

Oklahoma Geologic Time Scale (PNG)

OGS Brochure on Wichita Mountains (PDF)

OGS Brochure on Rose Rocks (PDF)

Oklahoma Geologic Map from 1954 (JPG)

Geology in the News

News of Interest to Kids of All Ages

Rock and Mineral Videos from Dr. Ethan Baxter (Boston College)

Dr. Ethan Baxter, professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College, has produced a series of 44 short videos about rocks, minerals and the stories they tell. This series is aimed at students, teachers, and anyone who wants to learn about geology, and is very accessible and well done. The entire series can be found for free on YouTube.

Every Rock Has A Story! on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

Oklahoma Earthquake Hazard and Preparedness Brochure (PDF)

Seismic Monitoring Network Information Brochure (PDF)

Earthquake Safety

Earthquake 101

Earthquake Information from the USGS

Meers Fault in Oklahoma

Meers Fault
Aerial view of Meers Fault looking northward.

The only known surface expression of an active fault occurs in southwestern Oklahoma.  The last slip on this fault is estimated to be about 1300 years ago and may have been equivalent to a magnitude 6.5 or 7.0 earthquake. This fault is known as the Meers Fault and is visible from the air as can be seen in the above picture.

Oklahoma Rocks!

Oklahoma Rocks! is a series of publications issued yearly by The Oklahoman's Newspapers in Education, and is aimed at students in grades 7 through 12. This year, Oklahoma Rocks! concentrates on careers in the geosciences.  

Oklahoma Rocks! A Day in the Life...

Oklahoma Rocks! Shake, Rattle & Roll

Oklahoma Rocks! Fossils Come Alive

OKLAHOMA ROCKS! Fossils Come Alive (2016) - Student Workbook (PDF)Lesson 1 (PDF)Lesson 2 (PDF)Lesson 3 (PDF)Lesson 4 (PDF)

Oklahoma Rocks! Can You Dig It?

OKLAHOMA ROCKS! Can You Dig It? (2015) - Student Guide (PDF)

Oklahoma Rocks! What Lies Beneath

OKLAHOMA ROCKS! What Lies Beneath (2014) - Workbook (PDF)

Oklahoma Rocks! State Parks

Oklahoma Rocks! Groundwater

Oklahoma Rocks! The Making of a Landscape

OKLAHOMA ROCKS! The Making of a Landscape (2011) - Workbook (PDF)Lesson 1 (PDF)Lesson 2 PDF)Lesson 3 (PDF)Lesson 4 (PDF)Lesson 5 (PDF)Lesson 6 (PDF)


Oklahoma Rocks! Energy

Oklahoma Rocks!

Educational Publications

Generalized Geologic Time Scale with information about Oklahoma fossils (EP6) (PDF)

Earth Sciences and Mineral Resources for Oklahoma (EP9) (PDF)

OGS educational publication (EP10) about fossils for Grades 1-6 (PDF)

Additional Educational Publications available here.

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