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AAPG Interviews OGS's Richard Tarver about the Well Viewer Application

"Being able to use well data for multiple uses such as oil and gas exploration, energy storage, geothermal resource identification, and critical minerals exploration is only possible if the data itself is available in a flexible format."

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'OGS App' - Development Plan

The Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) has initiated an effort to develop a comprehensive database of Oklahoma’s geoscience and natural resource data that will be free and accessible to the public via a spatially driven, map-based web application. While presently in its beta release, contents of the database will eventually include digitally preserved images of OGS core and data holdings, publications, and research that will be synthesized with a master record of georeferenced Oklahoma oil and gas wells and associated production values. As stakeholders of Oklahoma’s natural resources, citizens and energy industry professionals alike will finally have a single online source to access a wealth of information relating to the state’s natural resources--including: oil and gas production, core and sample data, geological publications, aerial photography, and more. While this initial effort is focused on oil and gas, future iterations of the application will provide access to non-energy related data, such as hydrogeology, geohazards and the environment.

In addition to in-house collection data, OGS hopes to benefit from partnerships with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the Oklahoma Tax Commission and other state agencies to serve as the comprehensive online source for the state’s natural resource data.

This collaborative effort will have a positive impact on the state by facilitating the dissemination of information to industry participants, the scientific community, and citizens, to promote the economic development of state resources through best practices and environmental stewardship.



OGS Well Viewer Demo



Oklahoma Geoscience/Natural Resources Web Application

Please visit the pilot beta version of the OGS web application at the following URL:

For additional information or questions please contact OGS at 405-325-1119 or by email at

NOTE – This is a beta release that is subject to potential downtime due to maintenance and/or operational upgrades. Your feedback is welcomed.

Glenn Cole Stratigraphic Cross Section Map