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Research & Scholarship

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Research and Scholarship

“The Native Nations Center will offer a place where Native American scholars and faculty can conduct research and connect with Native students.”

- Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Ph.D

Faculty member delivering conference presentation

Areas of Focus

Environmental Sustainability

Space/Place, Indigenous Mapping, Data Sovereignty, GIS

Tribal/Community Engagement

Ethics, Collaboration, Community Engagement, Intellectual Property

Indigenous Languages

Documentation, Preservation, and Revitalization

Indigenous Education

Recruitment, Retention, History of Education

Intergovernmental Relationships, Sovereignty, Governance

Nation-Building/Capacity Building/Community Planning/ Indigenous People’s Law & Policy, Economic Development, and Economic Sustainability, Social Work

Cultural Preservation, Revitalization & Continuance 

 Histories, Arts, Expressive Culture, Indigenous Media, Representation and Cultural Production, Cultural & Historic Preservation and Revitalization, NAGPRA, Libraries/Archives

Health, Wellness, Health Disparities & Healing

Trauma, Wellness, Healing, Food Sovereignty, Science & Genomics, Indigenous & Cultural Knowledges