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Incoming Students

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Incoming Students

MoneyCoaches provide personalized financial coaching to your students. Every incoming student is assigned a MoneyCoach. Your student will have their first opportunity to meet with their MoneyCoach during New Sooner Orientation.

MoneyCoaches help your students:

  • Create a plan to pay for college
  • Research scholarships and grants
  • Become financially savvy through on-campus programming 

Here’s what a student said about his MoneyCoach:

“My MoneyCoach was incredibly helpful in answering my questions, knowledgeable about my financial options and eligibility, and patient with my anxiety about finances. He gave me specific instructions regarding the steps to take to pay off my bursar balance and would respond to my emails and text messages with follow-up questions.  Lastly, he would make follow-up appointments with me to continue to guide me through the process of managing to pay for school.”

If you would like to schedule a consultation with your student and a MoneyCoach, please contact us at or (405) 325-4692.

OU Scholarships for Incoming Students

Please see below for more information concerning scholarships for various types of incoming OU students.

OU offers a variety of scholarships for admitted incoming freshmen. You must apply by December 15 to receive priority consideration. This list represents some of the general, university-centralized freshman scholarships, but is not all-inclusive. Applicants are encouraged to retake the ACT and/or SAT through April 30 and send their seventh semester transcript for scholarship update consideration. 

The University of Oklahoma uses the highest composite score from a single date on the national or residual tests taken before April 30. We do not superscore for the ACT or SAT. OU's Office of Admissions and Recruitment also uses a standardized weighted GPA for scholarship awarding purposes. This is referred to as the student’s scholarship GPA.

Scholarship GPA provides extra weight to AP, IB, Pre-AP, honors, and concurrent or dual credit courses in a uniform manner across all applications. This standardized weighting process allows the admissions committee to account for the wide variety of weighting scales used at high schools, and for applicants from high schools that do not provide a weighted GPA, in an equitable manner during the scholarship awarding process.

Institutional scholarships, combined with other federal, state and/or institutional aid, should not exceed the published Cost of Attendance.

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The University of Oklahoma offers a variety of scholarships to admitted transfer students based on criteria such as academics, leadership, community involvement, and extracurricular activities. There are two main categories of scholarships for transfer students: academic and competitive scholarships. Please note that for the purposes of these scholarships, you are only considered a transfer student if you have completed 24 college credit hours post high school graduation.

The list below represents centralized scholarship programs for the Norman campus and is not intended to be all-inclusive. Visit to explore other scholarships opportunities. Scholarships awarded by individual departments have an application deadline of February 1. You must apply by March 1 for Fall/Summer or November 1 for Spring to be considered for transfer scholarships. Apply for admission and scholarships at

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The University of Oklahoma offers scholarships to international students based on your completed application for admission to the university and qualified SAT or ACT exam scores. Admissible, non-US citizens attending secondary school in a country other than the United States are eligible for the scholarships listed below.

You must apply for admission by December 15 to be considered for these scholarship opportunities. Applicants may retake the SAT and/or ACT exam and send updated, official exam results to the Office of International Admissions & Recruitment through April 30. A student’s highest overall score from a single exam date will be used for scholarship consideration.

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