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Financial Education

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Financial Education

The MidFirst Bank MoneyCoach Program assists students with personalized, effective financial planning, coaching and financial education strategies to help ensure healthy lifelong financial behaviors, continuous enrollment and, ultimately, graduation from the University of Oklahoma.

Financial knowledge leads to financial health, resulting in success while a student and beyond.  From credit building, to saving, to protecting yourself from fraud, the MoneyCoach team has resources to help you understand important financial topics.  Click a topic below to learn more.

Where Do You Stand?

Want to test your current understanding of personal finance topics? Take our quick 5 question quiz below to see where you stand!

The MoneyCoach team and University of Oklahoma staff who work with students on financial issues such as federal student aid, private student aid and serving loans do not provide investment, legal, or tax advice. The information provided is for general educational purposes only, and is not intended to substitute for the advice of your investment, legal, and/or tax advisors or to be the basis of specific financial planning activities. If you need investment, legal, and/or tax advice, please consult with one of these professionals.