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Rates for usage

Prices effective July 1st 2020 and are subject to change. Please contact SRNML personnel with any questions or concerns. Assisted/unassisted imaging rates will be subject to availability of in-person training, which is currectly impacted by SARS-CoV-2.

Costs for Using SRNML:  All users must supply all disposable materials needed for their microscopy work; we endeavor to keep common supplies at-hand for use.  A list of those items available though the SRNML can be obtained by consultation with SRNML Personnel.

Hourly charges: Hourly charges for internal users will be calculated for all pieces of equipment having significant maintenance costs. These costs will be calculated by taking predicted maintenance costs and dividing by the expected hours of usage during a given fiscal year. The cost basis may include: (1) supplies required to maintain the instrument; (2) to service contract costs; (3) a prediction of user-billable charges that may be retained as a contingency fund; (4) inflation. The usership basis may take into account: (1) current usership trends; (2) courses to be offered; (3) past usership trends; (4) university contributions. Charges may be corrected quarterly as needed, but may not be increased in any fiscal year by more than 10%. Non-payment of charges may result in loss of privileges in the SRNML until payment is made at the discretion of the Director. 

Charges for useInternal unassistedInternal AssistedExternal Academic/GovCommercial
Scanning Electron Microscopy   
 Tabletop SEM (Hitachi TM-3000)$20.00$31.00$48.05$93.00
 Conventional SEM (Quanta)$20.00$31.00$48.05$93.00
 High resolution FEG-SEM (Zeiss NEON dual-beam)$55.00$75.00$100.75$195.00
 Quattro S ESEM/EBSD (day use)$45.00$69.75$108.11$209.25
 Quattro S after-hours automated runs$10.00$10.00$11.80$22.86
Transmission electron microscopy   
 Conventional TEM (Zeiss 10)$35.00$54.25$84.09$162.75
 Intermediate voltage TEM (JEOL 2000-FX)$51.60$71.60$110.98$214.80
 High resolution FEG-TEM (JEOL 2010F)$65.00$75.00$116.25$225.00
Advanced light microscopy   
 Conventional upright CLS microscope (FluoView 400)$25.00$38.75$60.06$116.25
 Upright CLS/ultiphoto/FLIM microscope (Leica SP8)$35.00$54.25$84.09$162.75
 Leica SP8 special rate for extended XYZT and tiling scans (after first 2 hrs at regular rate)$15.00$23.25$36.04$69.75
 Zeiss ApoTome structure light microscope$10.00$15.50$24.03$46.50
 Use of mercury lamp $1.35$2.09$3.24$6.27
 Leica epifluorescence stereo microscope (FM/LM)$5.00/ $1.35$7.75/ $2.09$12.01/ $3.24$23.25/ $6.27
Preparation costs   
 Critical point drying (CO2 costs and cylinder costs)$23.50$23.50$36.43$70.50
 Sputter coating (sputtering head, Argon and cylinder costs)$7.00$7.00$10.85$21.00
 Microtomy, per block up to 5 grids/glass knife (Reichert Ultracut/E)$35.00$54.25$84.09$162.75
 Microtomy, per block up to 5 grids/diamond knife (Reichert Ultracut/E)$65.00$100.75$156.16$302.25
Cryogenics use   
 Leica GP2 ethane-based rapid freezer/ day (liquid N2 usage)$25.00   
 Grids for plunge-freezing (ea., inclusive of glow discharge GLOCUBE)$10.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
 Cryoholder usage for JEOL 2010F  /day (Fischione cryotransfer system)$30.00$30.00$46.50$90.00
 Cryoholder usage for JEOL 2000 / day (Gatan626 cryotransfer system)$80.00$80.00$124.00$240.00
 Liquid nitrogen (per liter)$5.00$7.75$12.01$23.25