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Powering the future for generations to come.

In today’s world, energy plays an integral role in our lives. Affordable and equitable access to energy is more important now than ever. Hydrocarbon provides 70% of the world’s energy and will be important for decades to come. To meet the growing world-wide demand for energy, ensure our future, balance between sustainability, efficiency and affordability, our energy engineers will embrace new technologies, expand emerging energy sources, protect the planet, and fight energy inequality. The Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering applies a century worth of expertise in energy and the earth’s subsurface to address these concerns and create solutions for future energy systems.

Our degree programs in Petroleum Engineering and GeoEnergy Engineering provide essential foundations in math, physics, geology, chemistry and advanced computer technology skills. We prepare graduates to work with and in nature to develop and apply new technologies and techniques for improved energy recovery while minimizing impact upon the natural world. Our Petroleum and GeoEnergy Engineers are master problem solvers who face challenges in technology, economics, and politics to build energy solutions for global impact. Graduates meet their careers in the energy industry with new experiences each day, and with world-wide operations of the industry, they are offered plenty of opportunities to experience careers in a vast array of unique places and cultures.

Petroleum Engineering              GeoEnergy Engineering