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Support MPGE

Contributions to the Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering are always appreciated. We have been fortunate over the years to have generous alumni who have supported MPGE’s mission and students.  The link below will take you to the University of Oklahoma Foundation's secure online Make-a-Gift page, where you can pledge your support for MPGE and its programming.

More than 9,500 corporations and foundations across the United States match employee contributions to educational institutions. Is yours one? Use the OU Foundation's searchable database and see if your employer will match your gift to MPGE.

Give online or mail checks to: The University of Oklahoma Foundation, P.O. Box 258856, Oklahoma City, OK 730125-8856

Donate to MPGE


Leave a Legacy was started so that graduating classes could leave behind a lasting gift to MPGE. The first class to particpate was the Class of 2008, who used their funds to purchase artwork depicting the early days of the oil industry in Oklahoma to be placed on display in MPGE's offices.

To make a donation towards the Leave a Legacy Fund, simply notate in the comments section of the donation form "Leave a Legacy." 


For more information on how to give, including questions about funding methods and areas of need, please contact:

Collin Pitner

Development Officer
(405) 325-0498

How to Be an Active Alumni

There are many avenues to continue your involvement with MPGE after graduating.  Involvement as an alumnus not only gives back to MPGE, but also adds value to you as you network with fellow and future alumni, encourage the next class of graduates, and continue your journey as a life-long learner.

Donate to MPGE

Small or large, your donations help MPGE provide the best education to its students.  Donate by visiting the OU Foundation page and specifying your gift to MPGE or by responding to the Annual Fund Campaign.

Sponsor an MPGE Student Organization

Our student organizations (OU SPE and OU AADE) host a number of events, such as the annual golf tournament and Relay for life, throughout the year to raise funds to participate at conferences, provide educational opportunities, and for philanthropy. We encourage our alumni to support our students in these endeavors as often as they can.

Recruit MPGE Students and Encourage Your Employer to Recruit MPGE Students

What better way to give back to MPGE students than by providing opportunities for them to learn and grow just as you and those who came before you had? Check out the resumes of students looking for internships or full-time employment, and be sure to send your job and internship openings to MPGE’s Alumni and Industry Liaison.  

Provide Feedback to MPGE

MPGE is constantly looking for feedback from our alumni in order to help us improve our programs, better serve and connect with our alumni, and for recruitment purposes.  You may e-mail MPGE’s Alumni and Industry Liaison with your feedback and ideas.

Tell Us About You

Make sure your information is up to date in our files. Tell us about your career, update us on promotions and exciting personal achievements, and let us know the places an OU Petroleum Engineering degree has taken you. Don’t forget to send pictures! 

Get the Electronic Newsletter

Are you not receiving our newsletter? Get added to the list.

Network with Us on Social Networking Sites

MPGE has a wide presence in the social media world. Find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram and join in on the conversation.

Volunteer to be a Guest Speaker

We are constantly looking for alumni, either local or passing through the Oklahoma City area, to speak with MPGE students. Whether it’s a lecture over your area of expertise or round-table discussion about your experience as a professional engineer, consider sharing your knowledge with our students.

Attend Home Football Games and Tailgate with Us

Two hours prior to the kick-off of each home game, join MPGE on Sarkey’s Energy Center Plaza for a tailgate. Meet fellow alumni, reconnect with your favorite faculty and staff, and greet the current MPGE students. 

Stop for a Visit

Are you coming to town?  Schedule a visit to see our latest facilities, meet our director and reconnect with faculty.