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Natural Gas Engineering

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M.S. Natural Gas Engineering and Management (online)

The M.S. Natural Gas Engineering and Management (NGEM) online program is designed to integrate the technical and commercial aspects of natural gas into a graduate degree program. The intent is to provide post-graduate education to qualified students and further prepare them with technical skills and commercial knowledge to fill the demand for professionals in the rapidly growing natural gas industry without interupting their current careers or their families.

The NGEM program provides individuals with a system view of the full-value chain of natural gas. It also emphasizes leadership training and teamwork among technical and commercial professionals. No other online master´s degree with an emphasis on natural gas is presently offered by any state university in Oklahoma, the nation, or the world. Therefore, this program offers a unique opportunity for those working in the industry to advance their careers.

GRE is not required.

This program is a non-thesis program. Students are encouraged to identify faculty members who will serve as their academic M.S. program advisors or they may complete the program under the overall guidance of the NGEM Graduate Liaison.

Every M.S. program must meet all the Basic Requirements for the Master's Degree as decided by Graduate College, and each student is responsible for ensuring compliance with these requirements. In addition, the specific MPGE requirements for the appropriate M.S. plan options delineated below must be met.

Applicants Must Complete the Following:

     ·       Must have a Bachelor's Degree in engineering and/or industry experience in natural gas midstream or downstream sector.

     ·       Online application

     ·       Submit an official transcript from your undergraduate institution and any graduate institution

     ·       Submit a current resume

     ·       Submit a personal statement of approximately two pages explaining why you wish to pursue graduate
            studies in the Online M.S. in Natural Gas Engineering & Management

     ·       Submit three letters of recommendation

Apply Here

Online students  will receive all course materials, including pre-recorded lectures, via OU's online classroom management system. Contact information and instructor office hours will be available so as to best meet the needs of our students and address their questions and to clarify the material. Exams will be administered via online proctors and require the use of a web camera.

A GPA of 3.0 is required to remain in the program.