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Geological Engineering

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M.S. Geological Engineering

The degree of Master of Science in Geological Engineering usually requires the completion of an original research thesis in addition to coursework beyond the baccalaureate level.

Thesis Program (standard)

The traditional, research oriented M.S. program with thesis emphasizes advanced study and research experience. To be eligible for research, a student must have identified an appropriate research area and be accepted as an M.S. thesis student by a member of the MPGE faculty.

Non-Thesis Program

This program is designed to meet the professional needs of part-time students and other students whose background and educational goals may be best served by additional instructed study in lieu of the research investigation involved in an M.S. thesis. To pursue this plan-of-study, students must indicate interest in the coursework emphasis program on the application for admission. After admission, these students are encouraged to identify faculty members who will serve as their academic M.S. program advisers, or they may complete the program under the overall guidance of the Graduate Liaison. The non-thesis M.S. program culminates in a comprehensive examination.

Only students pursuing the thesis option are eligible to be appointed for a graduate assistantship.

Students wishing to change from the thesis to non-thesis option must petition the MPGE Graduate Liaison. If the petition is approved, no more than 24 hours of credit will be transferred towards the fulfillment of the course requirements in the non-thesis option. Such a transfer cannot take place during a semester.

Curriculum & Degree Requirements

Every MS program must meet all the Basic Requirements for the Master's Degree as decided by Graduate College, and each student is responsible for ensuring compliance with these requirements. In addition, the specific MPGE requirements for the appropriate MS plan options delineated below must be met.

M.S. Geological Engineering Degree Sheet

Ph.D. Geological Engineering

Every Ph.D. program must meet all the Basic Requirements for the Doctoral Degree as determined by Graduate College, and each student is responsible for ensuring compliance with these requirements.

Curriculum & Degree Requirements

Total Number of Hours Required: 90 including 30 credit hours from M.S. degree

Dissertation Hours: 36 (minimum) to 48 (maximum)


·       At least 12 hours of post-M.S. course work

·       Prior to graduation, the applicant must publish or have in press one refereed paper and make a presentation at a professional society meeting or give a department seminar