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Stable Isotope Measurement Facility

Stephenson Research and Technology Center

Stable Isotope Measurement Facility

The Stable Isotope Measurement Facility (SIMF) located in the Stephenson Research and Technology Center (SRTC) on the University of Oklahoma (OU), Norman campus is a core OU instrumentation facility. The SIMF is administered by the Institute for Resilient Environmental & Energy Systems (IREES) of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships –  Prof. Tim Filley Director.

We provide researchers with analysis and consultation services on a wide range of stable isotope measures as well as options for sample processing and training.   

We specialize in measurement of traditional light stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen via isotope ratio mass spectrometry and cavity ring-down spectroscopy on a wide variety of sample matrices (gases, liquids, solids). SIMF is equipped with cold and dry sample storage and an extensive sample processing room. We will have capability for accepting and analyzing samples governed by USDA APHIS quarantine protocols.  

Our facility seeks to further innovative research at OU and serve the broader research community through hands-on training and fostering research collaborations for our visiting scholars and OU students.

What services are currently provided?

  • Carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur elemental and stable isotope values in solid, organic materials such as plants and soils including both natural abundance and enrichment/tracer studies
  • Oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope values of waters and solids
  • Carbon stable isotope analysis of CH4 and CO2
  • Dissolved organic carbon in water and extracts

Interested in visiting us?

If you are interested in working with SIMF, please reach out to Jani Sparks ( We are always happy to discuss future work and partnerships. We are also open to organizing lab tours for researchers who are interested in learning more about our facility.