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Institute for Resilient Environmental & Energy Systems

rural view of gloss mountains with different energy systems overlaid


The Institute for Resilient Environmental and Energy Systems addresses sustainability grand challenges for Oklahoma, the nation and the world. Our goal is to develop equitable solutions that help drive the transformation of the U.S. energy sector toward a net-zero carbon economy, that provide access to clean water, air, and safe built environments and do so without degrading our planetary ecosystems and climate.

With this focus on challenges at the intersection of society, the environment, and energy systems, IREES works to create inclusive, collaborative and convergent research ecosystems that leverage the strengths of OU’s research faculty and our public and private sector partners. Our efforts will build on and expand research programs across three key areas:

The University of Oklahoma

OU, as the state’s flagship institution founded in 1890, is focused on societal impact through research and creative activity. OU bridges disparate academic disciplines together to foster creative, comprehensive solutions to global challenges. In our vision for research and creative activity, researchers move beyond and across traditional academic boundaries, collaborating across disciplines and globally with other universities, policymakers, economists, and business leaders to create solutions for a better world. Our goal is to transcend academic disciplines and bring all of OU’s institutional strengths together to tackle global challenges and accelerate the delivery of practical solutions that impact society in direct and tangible ways.