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Q&A with Umair Hashmi, OU-Tulsa’s first Fulbright Scholar

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Q&A with Umair Hashmi,

OU-Tulsa’s first Fulbright Scholar

Umair Hashmi, an international student from Pakistan, will complete his PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering this summer. 

I am so thankful to the OU-Tulsa community for the immense love and kindness our family received over the last four years.  I absolutely loved the open-door environment and level of accessibility on campus.  Everyone — from the OU-Tulsa President, to our academic advisers, to staff members — were highly responsive and welcomed students in discussions.  This conducive environment not only helps students express their opinions openly, but also creates a strong affiliation with the University.

I was the VP of the International Student Organization, the Secretary of the OU-Tulsa Student Government Association and served on the OU-Tulsa Police Advisory Council.  I was also proud to be one of the founding members of the “OU-Tulsa Cousins” program where international students are paired with local American students to share cultural experiences with each other.

My PhD dissertation is focused on innovative 5G and beyond cellular networks.  I leveraged multiple tools (artificial intelligence, game theory and stochastic geometry) to develop analytical models and architectures that improve the system efficiency of the network.

I will return to Pakistan after completing my degree in August.  I recently attended the Fulbright Pakistan Re-Entry Seminar in Nashville, to help prepare 100 international students for their transition home after completing their graduate studies in the US.  Once home in Pakistan, I plan to join a University where I will conduct courses relevant to my expertise and also conduct research in 5G and artificial intelligence.  My family and I are bringing loads of fond memories and leaving a part of ourselves behind.  As the graduation certificate read, "No matter where you go, you’ll always be a Sooner!"

Article Published: Wednesday, June 5, 2019