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Tom Love Innovation Hub

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Welcome to the Tom Love Innovation Hub

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Our INTENT Programs coordinates several events and workshops to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and to connect emerging talent with workforce development opportunities across Oklahoma.

From 201 Talks with successful entrepreneurs and innovators across various industries to How Do I workshops that teach valuable skills (like product photography, app development, 3D modeling and more), INTENT Programs exists to create new paths to entrepreneurship for Oklahomans.


Our Fabrication Lab is home to a team of talented students and industry professionals that help aspiring entrepreneurs with prototyping, product development and small-scale manufacturing. With tools ranging from 3D printers to the first commercial waterjet on the University of Oklahoma's campus, the Fabrication Lab is critical to University innovation.

Our Content Lab offers production services to assist emerging companies and University organizations with creating all types of content and other media. Driven by a multidisciplinary team of student content creators, the Content Lab is the connection point between entrepreneurship and the arts at the University of Oklahoma. 

Fabrication Lab staff reviewing a floorplan layout and advising a student on best options for construction.


Startup OU is starting point for entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma, serving as a home for aspriring and active entrepreneurs regardless of year, major, college, or industry. It supports aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging companies at all stages of development, providing guidance and resources to carry entrepreneurs from idea to launch.

Startup OU offers students, faculty, staff and alumni from across the University the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, explore innovative business ideas and create new businesses that move Oklahoma's economy forward.


Our OK Catalyst Programs supports technology commercialization for University researchers and other innovators across Oklahoma and the region. Its numeorus accelerator programs have helped dozens generate miliions in early-stage funding from government grants, securing OK Catalyst Programs' role as a state leader in supporting technology research and development.