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Honors Student Forms


Here is where you can find all of the forms necessary to graduate with honors: honors reading and research, honors thesis submission,contracts, special permissions and the application to graduate.


pdf Changing Variable Credit Course Hours
Refer to these instructions to change your Honors Research credit hours from "1" to "3"

Honors Research

Honors Research is an independent study course required to graduate with Honors, taken by juniors and seniors with the professor of their choice to mentor them in conducting their own research or assisting the professor with their research. This is intended to be your opportunity to research the topic of your choice and gain practical experience in your field. Research does not necessarily have to be taken in your major department, but you must check with your department to see if there are any requirements or restrictions. This is your opportunity to produce your Honors Thesis, which is due to the Honors College at the end of the semester you graduate.  A total of 3 credit hours of Research is required of all majors. Below is the full Honors College policy on Research and Thesis requirements. Your Honors Research enrollment form is due to the Honors College main office with all signatures but the Honors Dean by the end of the add/drop period. 

Honors Reading

Honors Reading (3960) is an optional independent study with flexible parameters. During this course students typically focus on reading and discussion of material with their professor, rather than work that culminates in a large project. 3960 can be used as a preparatory course for a longer research project that will be completed in a subsequent semester, or it can be used to explore a particular, discrete area of interest. 3960 can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 credit hours at a time; up to 3 credits of 3960 may be used to fulfill Honors requirements.

Honors Thesis Standard & Submission Form

All University of Oklahoma Honors graduates must turn in a copy of their Honors Thesis along with our thesis cover sheet in order to fulfill the requirements for graduating with Honors. The cover sheet form must be signed by your professor.  You can submit your thesis and your thesis cover sheet to , or drop them off at the main office.   Your Honors Thesis is due to the Honors College main office by the Friday of finals week of your graduating semester. You can either submit your work from Honors Research 3980, or some other thesis-worthy material, such as a capstone research paper. For more information on the Honors Thesis standards, please see the “Thesis Standard” on this page.

pdf Thesis Standard (2022)
This is the official Honors College policy on the Honors Thesis requirement.

Contract for Honors Credit


A contract for honors credit is used when a student has had difficulty obtaining honors elective credit and can only be used once in your college career. Contracts are allowed only on letter-graded, classroom-based courses. Students may contract for Honors credit only in courses taught by tenured, tenure-track, or ranked renewable term faculty. Please meet with the professor to discuss an appropriate assignment of additional work, and document it in the body of the form. You must have the professor sign it, as well as the honors coordinator or departmental chair of the department that the course is in, before turning it into the Honors College main office for the Dean's signature. 

You must make an "A" or "B" in the course and complete your designated work in order to receive credit. Once your form is turned in, no further action is required on the part of the student. The Honors College office will contact your professor at the end of the semester to see if you have completed your contract, and then you will receive an honors designation on the course within 1-2 months after the end of the semester. There are additional rules for contracting printed on the form itself.

Contracts are due to the Honors College main office by the last day of the add/drop period. 

pdf Contract for Honors Credit
Updated 6/13/2022

Petition to take an Honors Course as a Non-Honors Student

Petition forms are for non-honors students who wish to take an honors course. You may be issued permission to enroll if: 

-The course is not fully enrolled.
-All active Honors students have had the chance to enroll in the course. This typically occurs the week after freshmen have enrolled in mid-April or mid-November. 
-The student has maintained a 3.40 OU retention GPA or above. 

-The student has received the instructor's permission to enroll in the course. We will need proof of this permission, which can be attached to this form or emailed to Tanya Miller at

Application to Graduate with Honors

Every Honors graduate must apply to graduate with Honors through the Honors college main office. The deadlines to apply are March 1st for May graduation, and July 1 for August graduation, and October 1st for December graduation. Please apply early and have your requirements checked either by the Honors Advisor, Jeff Cooper, or the Cum Laude Graduation Coordinator, Tanya Miller. 

If you have questions about honors graduation, please contact Tanya Miller at or 405-325-5292. You can make an appointment with the Honors Advisor at or through email at or 405-325-8692