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Graduate Course & Program Changes

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Graduate Course and Program Changes

Academic units are encouraged to submit course and program changes or additions to the Graduate Council as early in the academic year as possible. Items for Graduate Council consideration should be submitted with all required documentation as described below.

Graduate Course Changes

  • Course modifications, additions, and deletions should be requested through the CourseLeaf system by the academic unit's designated CourseLeaf user(s). Follow the instructions in the CourseLeaf Course Request Help Guide to avoid processing delays.
  • They must be approved by the academic unit chair/director and college dean before coming forward to the Graduate Council, according to the agenda deadlines here.
  • If course changes are indicated as part of a program modification or new program, the program modification/proposal should also be submitted in order for the courses to be considered.
  • Proposals for new courses must be accompanied by a complete syllabus. Syllabus templates and examples can be found here. Note that information on the syllabus (course number, course title, etc.) must exactly match the information entered in CourseLeaf.
  • Syllabi should include: 
    • All required policy statements.
    • Indication of the textbooks and/or other instructional materials that will be used.
    • A tentative schedule of topics/assignments/exams/readings.
    • Description of assignments, including details about how extensive they are (e.g., word or page count for essays) and how they will be evaluated.
    • A rubric indicating how the final grade will be calculated.
    • For slashlisted courses, indication of
      • the additional work that will be completed by those in the graduate section.
      • any differences between the undergraduate and graduate sections in evaluation standards or grading schemes.
  • Contact Laurie Hurley if you have any questions.

Graduate Program Changes

  • Program modifications, additions, and deletions should be requested on the appropriate form from the Provost's Memos & Forms page.
    • The section entitled Academic Program/Course Approval and Deadlines contains all program change forms required by the Provost, as well as the Program Modification FAQ and Request for Program Modification: Instructions documents that will assist academic units in navigating the program change process.
  • The Graduate Council also requires a Summary of Program Modification (docx) form for program requirement changes or concentration additions. This form is not required for program deletion, program suspension, option addition/deletion, or name changes.
  • Forms must be signed by the academic unit chair and college dean before submission.
  • All required forms must be submitted to the Graduate College according to the agenda deadlines provided here. 
  • New program proposals and requests for program modifications cannot be considered by the Graduate Council without all relevant course proposals and/or modifications.
  • Contact your Graduate College academic counselor if you have any questions.