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Campus Safety

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The safety of students is a top priority for OU. The services and resources below help keep our community safe. 

OU Alert

In the event of a weather or safety emergency, students and parents/guardians can set up the OU Alert System. These timely warnings are designed to reach the entire campus community through the use of email, text message alerts, and/or phone calls. Subscribe to alerts here

Storm Shelters

Various locations on campus have been approved as severe weather refuge areas. Each building is clearly marked to shelter or seek shelter during severe weather situations. Above-ground structures are located near the residence halls. Visit the Emergency Preparedness website for more information.


This free service utilizes resident advisers, who are screened and approved by OU campus police, to accompany members of the university community anywhere on campus when they call (405) 325-WALK. Staff members are readily identifiable by special shirts, coats, and badges. Visit the SafeWalk website for more information.


SafeRide provides safe and free taxi transportation to OU students within the Norman city limits. Each student receives two free SafeRides every weekend to be used Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Campus Lights

Free emergency telephones located in various outdoor locations on campus provide direct contact to the OU Police Department dispatcher. Emergency telephones are identified with a blue sign reading “EMERGENCY” and a blue light. These phones may be used to request service or obtain other information and assistance as needed. 

OU Police Department

The OU Police Department is an accredited law enforcement agency responsible for coordinating and providing emergency and public safety services to the Norman campus. OU's police headquarters is located just south of campus. Visit the OUPD's website for more information.

Guardian Campus Safety App

Guardian safety app allows students to set a safety timer, manage and message your “guardians”, contact emergency services, and create a personal safety profile. Visit the Guardian website for more information.