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Non-Degree Seeking Students

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Non-Degree-Seeking Graduate Students

Graduate Visitors

Graduate visitors are graduate students in good academic standing who are seeking an advanced degree at another accredited institution. Typically, these students plan to transfer their OU coursework back to their home institution.

Graduate Visitor Requirements:

As graduate visitors, students have all the rights and privileges of other graduate students EXCEPT they are not admitted to a graduate program and are not considered degree-seeking students at The University of Oklahoma. The requirements to be a graduate visitor are as follows:

  • must be a degree-seeking graduate student in good standing at another accredited university
  • must complete The University of Oklahoma online application
  • no academic credentials are required for this type of admission
  • a letter of Good Standing from the dean, or his or her academic designate, of the home institution must be provided to the Office of Admissions.

Unclassified Graduate Status

Unclassified graduate students are those who wish to take graduate level courses and

  1. are not seeking a graduate degree, or
  2. have not yet chosen an academic field of study.

Unclassified Graduate Applicants:

  • must complete The University of Oklahoma online application
  • must provide the transcript from the last degree-granting institution
  • must have earned at least a bachelor’s degree from a regionally or nationally accredited institution


  • are not candidates for a degree
  • are not assured future admission to a degree program
  • are not eligible for conditional admission 
  • are not typically eligible for financial aid
  • are limited to a maximum of 12 hours in unclassified status

International students are not eligible for the unclassified graduate status due to their student visa requirements that they be enrolled in a degree-seeking program.

Application Deadline: The deadline to apply for unclassified graduate non-degree status is thirty (30) calendar days prior to the beginning of the spring, summer or fall semester.

Both graduate visitor and unclassified graduate applicants should complete a new application for admission.

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