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Graduate Admission Process

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Overview of the Graduate Admissions Process

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Admission to graduate programs at The University of Oklahoma is a collaborative effort between the academic units, the Graduate College, and Graduate College Admissoins. Admission is based on an evaluation of an applicant’s overall education record, experience, personal qualifications, proposed specialization, and an assessment of the likelihood that an applicant will succeed in, and benefit from, a particular academic program.

The Graduate College Dean governs admission and enrollment in the Graduate College, utilizing the recommendations of the academic units. It is within the purview of the Office of Graduate Admissions to admit students to the university who are approved by both the academic unit and the Graduate College.

Graduate Admissions Process

  1. Graduate College Admissions receives application and academic credentials.
  2. Graduate College Admissions evaluates and verifies academic credentials, then forward application and materials to the graduate academic unit.
  3. An application and credential evaluation are reviewed by graduate academic unit.
  4. Graduate academic unit returns recommendation to Graduate College Admissions for review and approval. 
  5. Graduate College processes decision through the authority of the Graduate College Dean, and notifies the applicant.