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Resources for Teaching

This is an accumulation of assignments, presentations, media (images and media clips), and teaching resources that the Gaylord faculty have gathered and used in their courses.

  • JMC 3003-Multimedia Journalism: PDF of presentation on visual manipulation. Later slides include digital alterations of Katie Couric, Beyonce, Condoleezza Rice, OJ Simpson Time cover, and misrepresenation of Katrina survivors of color.

    An essay question that asks students to defend or challenge a newspaper manager's directive to use an image from the Hollywood poster for The Freedom Writers movie in their coverage of a local teacher.

    Minnesota Public Radio wav audio clips from a lecture by Story Corps' creator David Isay. The full program is on the MPR Midmorning site. These audio clips include:

    • a frank discussion between a lesbian mother and her 10 year-old daughter
    • a grandfather tells his grandson about his saddest moment, a tale of discrimination toward a young GI
    • a woman tells her friend about a pivotal day growing up on the Ft. Berthold reservation in North Dakota
    • a Memphis couple talks about their memories of Dr. King's speech on April 3, 1968; the night before Dr. King's assassination
  • JMC 3013-Multimedia Newsgathering: PowerPoint presentation on the importance of diversity in newsrooms and in news content. Covers ASNE's parity goal, historical examples under- and misrepresented coverage on minority groups and issues. Also includes census data on our changing demographics and address the importance of including all groups in news coverage in order to build and serve changing audiences.
  • JMC 3103-News Editing: A reading assignment and discussion on the Lexington Herald-Leader's 2004 story titled "Front-Page News, Back-Page Coverage: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Lexington." The readings and discussion force students to consider how editors possess the power to influence people's perceptions about themselves and others, as well as past and present events.
  • JMC 3423-PR Writing: This assignment directs students to produce a PSA that addresses an issue of diversity while also practicing basic page design, typography, and graphics. Included here are PSA examples from the media and student produced PSAs from former classes.

      An exercise whereby students analyze and rewrite broadcast news scripts to review the entire story for its relevance to disability terms and accuracy. From the National Center on Disability and Journalism.

  • JMC 4403-PR Campaigns: Public relations messages to diverse, or under-served audiences should complement and reinforce the information received by mainstream publics. This assignment asks students to create a general purpose brochure for an real client and to adapt it for a diverse public.
  • JMC 4633-Advanced video production: An assignment where the producer (students) are asked to identify diverse audiences for a broadcast program and how that diversity should impact their message from both a script and visual standpoint.
  • JMC 4853/5853-Race, Gender and the Media: The purpose of this assignment is to give students directed experience interviewing people they do not know well on difficult topics involving race, sex, gender and society. Their goal is to navigate through these topics without fear and to participate in an exchange without offending their subjects, and without taking offense.