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Graduate Opportunities

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Co-Curricular Opportunities for Graduate Students

The majority of opportunities that are available for undergraduate students like clubs, guest speakers, internships and travel/study opportunities are also open to graduate students. Below are some activities that may interest graduate students and provide opportunities to collaborate with fellow scholars and faculty.

Interdisciplinary Research

The OU campus offers students and faculty a broad array of opportunities to conduct research across departmental boundaries. Common areas of collaboration for journalism researchers include political communication, crisis communication, public affairs, political science, international studies and computer science.

Campus & College Leadership

Several opportunities to affect change on the OU campus and within the Gaylord College are available to graduate students. Gaylord College graduate students nominate two students each year to represent them in the Graduate Student Senate. Along with other representatives from the other colleges on campus, these students meet with the Graduate College and work together to create policies to guide research and other activities on campus.

Two graduate students also serve as official representatives in the Gaylord College Ambassadors. These students along with approximately two dozen undergrad students, represent the college at special events, conduct tours and escort special guests on campus.

Gaylord Graduate Students Speaker Series

This is a series of brown bag lunch speakers that are arranged by graduate students for graduate students. The inaugural series was coordinated by Ph.D. student Nur Uysal and focused on the Media and War.