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Graduate Buddies

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Gaylord College Graduate Buddies Program

Graduate Buddies Factsheet

The Gaylord College Graduate Buddies program is a social gathering for all faculty and students of the graduate program. The goal of the program is to help aid students in fostering relationships with other graduate students, faculty and staff and to build a graduate community. We do not have “meetings;” rather, we hold “social gatherings” where students and faculty can join in conversation, collaborate and build lasting relationships. Our goal is to help new graduate students become familiar with Norman, the university, faculty, other students and our graduate program. 

Some new students, especially international students, may find it difficult to navigate new surroundings; they might have lots of questions about moving to a new country and a new city and can experience difficulty finding their way around Norman and OU.  Our Graduate Buddies program pairs an experienced Gaylord College graduate student with an incoming Gaylord College graduate student.  By connecting these students, the Graduate Buddies program will foster a mentorship between the two students. 

The Gaylord College Graduate Buddies program is not mandatory for graduate students and faculty; however, everyone is encouraged to engage and become a Buddy because ultimately the program benefits all graduate students and enhances our culture of collaboration at the Gaylord College.


Program Coordinators: Graduate Director, Graduate Adviser and President of the Gaylord College Graduate Student Association

How to join: Email one of the program coordinators or come to our next meeting

When: Monthly gatherings on Friday nights around 5:00 p.m. (or whatever time works best for all)

Why to join: 

  • Listen to high-level guest speakers
  • Make lasting friendships
  • Learn from peers
  • Collaborate on ideas
  • WHY NOT?