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For Oklahoma

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For Oklahoma – OU pandemic response

Creating and validating essential medical equipment in support of our healthcare heroes.

The Covid-19 Essential Equipment Task Force is bringing to bear the full array of OU expertise and skill to pandemic relief efforts. Our engineering and design teams are working closely with Health Sciences Center researchers and front-line healthcare professionals to identify needs - both immediate, and long term.

The Task Force is designing, testing, and validating solutions in an expeditious manner, keeping pace with the pandemic and agilely adapting to new challenges.

While the primary focus of the Task Force is testing, and producing essential equipment, we are also:

  • Prototyping new designs from faculty, researchers, and university partners
  • Tracking verified needs from organizations directly involved in the Covid-19 response
  • Providing validated design files to hobbyists and manufacturers able to produce our products in response to those needs.

See below for more information and learn how OU and you can help shore up our response to this and future crises - For Oklahoma. 


Our medical professionals and engineers have tested and validated these designs for use in clinical settings.

Here, Health care workers and patients can find information and instructions for each. 

Designs in Development

To ensure the Task Force is addressing the most pressing equipment issues, our front-line healthcare workers and researchers continue to identify and submit ideas for design and testing. 

If you are an engineer, health care worker, first responder, or an NVOAD in need of a solution - submit your issue or idea, here. 

Community Efforts

HSC Libraries are tracking local needs for essential equipment. If you represent a healthcare, first responder, or NVOAD organization and are authorized to declare a need - we encourage you to do so, here

You can find additional information and resources from other public and private organizations' relieft efforts.