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Outreach to Parents


We believe humans flourish when they develop to their fullest potential as rational and moral beings, living in healthy communities. Mindful that moral development begins very early in life, we believe our mission to improve the flourishing of Oklahomans must include supporting parents in the challenging endeavor of developing virtue in their children. Our long-term goals are to pursue this mission by:

  1. Offering web-based parenting resources, to provide educational support and connections with parenting-focused organizations;
  2. Developing partnerships between parents and the Institute, so that we can better know our parents and tailor resources to better meet their individual needs;
  3. Developing partnerships between parents and local teachers, to facilitate a shared vocabulary and vision for cultivating virtue in children;
  4. Developing partnerships between parents and other parents, so they can assist and support each other through the challenges of fostering character in children.

Thus far we have achieved early successes in all four areas, with a special emphasis on the first and third.

Web-Based Resources

Our Parent Resources page collects a variety of resources on parenting, including articles, websites, videos, and local and state-level agencies.

Parent Resources Page