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Norman High School

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Norman High School

Currently our most developed educational collaboration is with our first educational partner, Norman High School. We have assisted them in four main areas.

Academic Life Coaching

We subsidized academic life coach certifications for a core team of 7 NHS faculty and staff. The team then provided key strategies and coaching resources to all NHS faculty. The purpose of this training is to help empower students to persevere through challenges and create life structures that support future success.

Professional Development

We sent small teams of NHS faculty to attend “Learning and the Brain” conferences, which offer lectures and workshops from a wide array of educational practitioners and researchers. The purpose of this training is to develop the instructional and pedagogical knowledge and
skills necessary to deliver learning experiences that cultivate intellectual virtues and prepare students for the 21st Century.

Intellectual Virtues Cultivation

We sent small teams of NHS faculty to visit the Intellectual Virtues Academy (IVA) in Long Beach, California. The team observed classes, visited at length with IVA faculty, and is now developing a resource library. The purpose of these trips was to provide instruction for faculty on how to integrate teaching on the intellectual virtues into their classrooms and school culture.

Student and Faculty Assessment

We have assisted NHS leadership in identifying character-relevant strengths and needs among faculty and students. Preliminary results are available in our annual reports.