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Linda Zagzebski

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Linda Zagzebski, Ph.D.

George Lynn Cross Research Professor
Kingfisher College Chair of the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

(405) 325-6324
Website: Faculty Website

Dr. Zagzebski is George Lynn Cross Research Professor, and Kingfisher College Chair of the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, at the University of Oklahoma. She is the past President of the American Catholic Philosophical Association (1996-7) and of the Society of Christian Philosophers (2004-7), and current President of the American Philosophical Association Central Division (2015-16). She has published seven books and numerous articles in the areas of epistemology, philosophy of religion, and virtue theory. Her most recent book, Exemplarist Moral Theory (Oxford University Press, 2017) defends a form of virtue ethics based on direct reference to moral exemplars. The book incorporates empirical literature on the emotion of admiration, on emulation, and work on the neuroscience of exemplars. It was supported by grants from the Templeton Foundation and from the Character Project at Wake Forest University. It was also the topic of her Gifford Lectures at the University of St. Andrews in October 2015.