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Association Board Members

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Association Board 2021-2022

The Association Board is primarily responsible for allocating membership funds and also helps determine museum initiatives. The board consists of up to 17 members that may serve two consecutive three-year terms; officers serve two-year terms. Officers and incoming members-at-large are voted onto the Association Board by majority vote at the annual meeting. Nominations for Association Board Members are open to the general association by virtue of museum membership. 

Click here to view the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art Association Constitution and Bylaws.


President: Nathan Thompson

Past-President: Jorge Charneco 

President-Elect: Kylah McNabb

Secretary: Lynette Lobban 

Treasurer: Melissa Nuzum


Museum Staff (Ex Officio)

Thomas Brent Smith, Wylodean and
Bill Saxon Director

Lesha Maag, Director of Audience Development


Tammy Cain

Ginna Dowling 

Gary Gress

Jill Hughes 

Katherine Leidy

Katie Merrick 

Amanda Nairn

Melissa Nuzum 

Ed O'Rear

Jan Post 

Betsy Sieck