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Instrumental Conducting - Wind Band

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Master of Music in Instrumental Conducting - Wind Band

Major code: M718

Professor Brian Britt
  • Director of Athletic Bands
Dr. Caroline Hand
  • Associate Director of Bands
Dr. Shanti Simon
  • Director of Bands



This degree requires the following profiencies. View the PDFs linked below for more details.


Application Deadline

To receive full consideration for admission and graduate assistantships, the application is January 1. The School of Music cannot guarantee an audition, interview, admission, or graduate assistantship if application is received after the deadline.



There is no separate application for assistantship. Unless the applicant indicates otherwise, we assume that all applicants are interested in being considered for assistantships. Please note that assistantships are usually awarded for the Fall and Spring semesters together. We very seldom have assistantships available for anyone entering in a Spring semester. We do not award assistantships for Summer sessions.



Submit the online application (see Graduate Admissions page) and all materials described below. The Director of Bands (major professor for this degree) will review the written and recorded materials to determine whether or not to invite the applicant to schedule a live, on-campus audition.


Required pre-screening materials for this degree

  • Curriculum vita with a description of position responsibilities and conducting repertoire
  • A video recording of a recent ensemble performance and rehearsal conducted by the applicant
    • Submitted to the online application. Video files or links to online videos may be submitted under Digital Portfolio > Upload Media.
  • A detailed description of the applicant's current conducting program (ensemble size, ability of performers, rehearsal and performance schedule, repertoire, etc.).


Application materials required for all graduate degrees

These items must be submitted to the online graduate application system.

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
    • Submitted to the online application under the Statement of Purpose tab
    • What aspects of the program attract you to OU? Additionally, please answer one of the following prompts:
      • Why do you want to pursue this degree?
      • How would you describe your professional path to this point and your aspirations going forward?
      • What skills, expertise and experience do you bring to the degree, and how will you use your degree, post-graduation?
      • What is important to you musically, artistically, pedagogically, and intellectually?
  • Three letters of reference
    • Submitted to the online application under Recommendations tab
    • Your three reference letters should include:
      • At least one letter from: your studio professor, ensemble conductor, chamber coach, etc., or a person who has considerable knowledge about your abilities as a performer or composer.
      • At least one letter from: a person who can speak to your abilities as a scholar of music.


Requirements for the Final Audition

The Director of Bands (major professor for this degree) will review the application materials described above to determine whether or not to invite the applicant to schedule a live, on-campus audition.

  • If invited to audition, the live audition will be a 25-minute conducting audition rehearsal with a University ensemble presented before a committee consisting of appropriate members of the Graduate Music Faculty. Conducting repertoire will be selected by the Director of Bands.