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Master of Music in Organ

Major code: M724

Dr. Damin Spritzer
  • Associate Professor of Organ
Dr. Adam Pajan
  • Lecturer of Organ


Concentration and Code
(click for Coursework Requirements)

Standard (Q482)

Church Music (Q114)

Organ Technology (Q483)


Application Deadline

Applications for admission in Fall must be received by February 1. 



There is no separate application for assistantship. Unless the applicant indicates otherwise, we assume that all applicants are interested in being considered for assistantships. Please note that assistantships are usually awarded for the Fall and Spring semesters together. We very seldom have assistantships available for anyone entering in a Spring semester. We do not award assistantships for Summer sessions.


Procedure for Applying

Submit the online application (see Graduate Admissions page) along with all materials described below. After submitting the application, you will need to contact organ faculty to schedule an audition. More details on the audition can be found at the bottom of this page.


Application materials required for all graduate degrees

These items must be submitted to the online graduate application system.

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
    • Submitted to the online application under the Statement of Purpose tab
    • Why do you want this degree, and why do you want it from OU?
    • Include your reasons for applying, personal statement, and what you have learned about yourself and the field that has further stimulated your interest and reinforced your conviction that you are well suited to the field.
  • Three letters of recommendation
    • Submitted to the online application under Recommendations tab
    • While all three of your letters of recommendation should be from someone who can speak to your ability to be a successful graduate student in a music program, we ask that you consider the following when requesting your recommendations:
      • One letter should be from a person who has considerable knowledge about your abilities as a performer, conductor, or composer (e.g.:  studio professor, ensemble conductor, chamber coach, etc.).
      • One letter should be from a person who can speak to your abilities as a scholar of music.


Audition Requirements

After submitting the online application, contact organ faculty to schedule a live, on-campus audition. Recordings may be submitted for preliminary consideration, but they will not take the place of the live audition. Audio or video files or links to online recordings may be submitted to the online application under Digital Portfolio > Upload Media.

The audition requirements vary depending on your concentration. Click on your concentration below for more details.


Standard or Church Music Concentration

  • Thirty minutes of prepared music, demonstrating Baroque, Romantic, and contemporary styles. Playing from memory is strongly encouraged but not required.
  • One sight-read piece
  • One figured bass exercise
  • One transposition exercise
  • One harmonization on a given melody
  • A short interview

Organ Technology Concentration

  • Fifteen minutes of contrasting repertoire and/or improvisation
  • Applicants to this concentration will need to schedule three consecutive hours on a weekday for their audition/interview. The interview will consist of questions regarding prior experience and skills in various areas of organ technology.