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Essential Information

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Essential Information For All New Students

Degree Auditions

All students wishing to pursue a major or minor in music must first audition with the School of Music to be accepted into the degree program. See the Undergraduate Auditions & Admissions page for more details. This process is separate from auditions for large ensembles.

Large Ensemble Auditions

After discussing with your major professor what groups are most appropriate for you, visit the Large Ensemble Auditions page for an overview of the audition process and deadlines for large ensembles (choral ensembles, concert bands & jazz bands, orchestra, and the Pride of Oklahoma marching band). Most ensemble auditions take place near the start of the semester, but Pride of Oklahoma auditions are due May 1 for the following Fall semester. These large ensemble auditions are separate from the Degree Auditions described above.

Music Theory and Fundamentals of Theory

All of our music majors are required to take Music Theory courses, beginning with Structures I. During the first week of the fall semester, students take an assessment exam to determine their readiness for Structures I. Students who show deficiencies in certain areas will be assigned online modules consisting of exercises and drills related to Structures I. These modules will greatly help students gain a better command of basic theoretical concepts. Students who are assigned these modules will still attend the regular morning sections of Structures I.

Piano Proficiency and Group Piano

All students majoring in music must satisfactorily demonstrate a level of proficiency in piano appropriate to their respective degree programs.  Students will be auditioned and placed into the appropriate level of piano study (either Group Piano classes or private piano lessons) at the beginning of their musical studies on campus.  Students may consult with the coordinator of group piano (Dr. J.P. Murphy) or their advisor for further information.

How Do I Receive My Tuition Waiver and/or Scholarship Money?

All tuition waivers and scholarship awards will appear as a credit on your bursar account. The credit will appear each year after August 1.

Practice Rooms, Lockers, and Instruments

Practice rooms are located in the Crawford Practice Wing of the Reynolds Performing Arts Center (across the street—east—from Catlett). Students may gain access to the practice rooms by using their OU student ID card (Sooner Card). This access will be activated at the beginning of the school year.

Locker and school-owned instrument checkouts are handled by the School of Music Warden. The warden will begin working the Thursday before classes begin. Please keep in mind that there will be an overwhelming number of requests at the start of the semester, so it may take a while for the warden to get to your request.

To submit a request for a locker, you can complete the following form: Locker Request Form.

To submit a request for an instrument, you can complete the following form: Instrument Request Form.

If you have questions about lockers or instrument checkouts, contact the School of Music Warden at Over the summer, you will instead need to contact Eric Walschap at

Catlett Music Center

The Catlett Music Center is a great facility for music making and learning, but to new students it can seem to be a maze of illogically numbered rooms. Please click on the link we’ve provided (just below this paragraph) in order to familiarize yourself with the floor plan. And, it’s always a good idea to actually locate all your classrooms (for all your OU courses) before the first day of classes each semester.

Catlett Music Center Map

Texbooks & Class Supplies

For each of your classes, you should receive an email from your professor telling you what textbook and/or course materials are required. If you do not get an email, just wait until the first class session, where you will receive the necessary information.

Important note: Be SURE to check your new OU email address frequently as the new semester nears!

Private Lessons  (when do they occur?)

When you go to to enroll for your private lessons, an actual meeting time will be shown. This is not when your lesson will occur. This is the designated time when your entire studio will meet for “studio hour” or “studio class”. Your actual private lesson time will be set by you and your teacher after examining your class schedule and choosing an appropriate time.

Canvas Online Learning Platform

Canvas is the University’s learning management system, a web based software that is used to support class activities. Through Canvas your professors can easily communicate class-related information such as announcements, assignments, grades, attendance, etc. Your instructor may post handouts, videos, or other useful information to the class Canvas page. You may also be required to take quizzes, turn in assignments, or participate in class discussions through the class Canvas page. Canvas will also conveniently combine the class events and assignments entered into canvas on one calendar making it easier for you to track due dates and important events. To log into canvas and view your class information go to and log in using your OU 4x4.

For more information about Canvas, go to the Online and Academic Technology Services website:

Freshman Orientation and Recital Attendance

All new freshmen music majors and new transfer students must enroll in MUTE 1000 Music Orientation. MUTE 1000 meets at 1:30 pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month during the Fall semester. The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for the School of Music to communicate important information regarding School policies and activities as well as more wide ranging topics such as university-wide information, student resources, study and time management skills, etc.

After completing Freshman Orientation and Convocation, all music students must then take 3 semesters of MUTE 1010 Recital Attendance. Recital Attendance is designed to broaden students' exposure to music performance, both as an audience member and a performer. This course is based on attendance in three areas:

  1. School of Music convocation series recitals, held at 1:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month (students are to attend 5 of these per semester)
  2. Norton, Sutton, Masala, and Ruggles Series performances (students are to attend 5 of these per semester)
  3. Outside performances and/or other OU performances (also 5 attended performances per semester)