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The Arts Management and Entrepreneurship Programs

A study published in April 2019 by the National Endowment for the Arts reports professional workers in the arts are 3.6 times more likely to be self-employed than the average worker. Enroll and learn how business and entrepreneurial skills not only help your development as artists, but also how you navigate the dynamic industry you will soon be entering.

The business and entrepreneurial skills you will develop within our programs helps successfully navigate the world of possibility, excitement, and dynamism you will be entering.

Browse below to explore the program and full course lists for both undergraduate and graduate tracks. 

AME Undergraduate Minor

AME Graduate Certificate

AME Graduate Certificate Course Structure

The AME Graduate Certificate Program is designed for maximum flexibility to meet the needs of various tracks in arts entrepreneurial activity. Offered in collaboration with the Price College of Business, fulfillment of the graduate certification necessitates 12 graduate credit hours chosen from four areas: arts management core course; two business courses; one fine arts course; and one practicum course.

The compulsory core course (AMGT 5013) is an intensive study on the formal constructs of strategy, negotiation, financial basics, and concepts for integrating creative process and business acumen. 

Graduate Certificate in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship: 12 Credit Hours

  • Arts Management and Entrepreneurship Core Course: 3 credit hours (1 course)
  • Business Courses Electives: 4 credit hours (2 courses)
  • Fine Arts Courses Electives: 3 credit hours (1 course)
  • Arts Management and Entrepreneurship “Electives”/Practicum: 2 credit hours (1 course)

AMGT 5013 Overview of Arts Management and Administration

ENT 5102 Entrepreneurship & Innovation
ENT 5902 Entrepreneurial Process
MGT 5702 Organizational Behavior
MIT 5602 Management Information Systems
LS 5802 Business Ethics
MKT 5402 Marketing Management
B AD 5970 Business, Government, and Society
SCM 5522 Production and Operations Management

ARTC 5943 Business of Art (School of Visual Arts: Special Topics/Seminar)
ARTC 5930 Special Topics in Theory and Practice (School of Visual Art)
DANC 5743 Dance History: Early Roots (School of Dance)
DANC 5753 Dance History: Development (School of Dance)
DRAM 5990 Special Studies (Theater History)
MUSC 5323 History of Opera (School of Music)
MUSC 5373 History of American Music (School of Music)
MUSC 5563 Music in the Classical Period (School of Music)
MUSC 5573 The Romantic Era (School of Music)
MUSC 5970 Aesthetics of Music (School of Music)

AMGT5970 International Arts Incubator
AMGT 5030 Internship In The Arts

AME Undergraduate Minor

The AME Undergraduate Minor is a new program offered to undergraduate students who are interested in learning the business and entrepreneurship skills needed to apply their creativity to their careers. 
If you are interested in enrolling in the minor, please contact your academic advisor and/or Curriculum Advisor, Elizabeth Nunley ( 
See each category below for the full course listing. 

AMGT 2013 Negotiations, Marketing and Social Media (Fall only)
AMGT 3013 Fundraising and Development (Fall only)
AMGT 3023 Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Arts (Spring only)

In addition, choose two of the following:

AMGT 4970 Special topics (International Arts Incubator OR Internship)
DRAM 3853 Theater Management (Fall only)
ARTC 4943 Business of Art (Fall only)

AMGT 2013 Negotiations, Marketing and Social Media
AMGT 3013 Fundraising and Development
AMGT 3023 Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Arts
AMGT 4970 Arts Incubation Lab (International Arts Incubator)
ARTC 4943 Business of Art
DRAM 4853 Theater Management