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Fitness Assessment

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Fitness assessments are recommended for participants as a comprehensive physical assessment to determine current level of fitness. The assessment provides valuable physical information for the trainers to design personalized workouts based on your goals, current movement patterns and fitness levels.

Knowing your body composition can be beneficial for understanding the risk of disease, improving overall health and goal setting. Body composition testing is administered by a trained staff member and is completely confidential. Availability is limited so please check the front desk for appointment dates and times. 

Payment must be completed when appointment is made. Payments are non-refundable.

Fitness AssessmentOne60 minutes$30 + tax

What to Expect?

Fitness assessment: Each session starts with a postural check, movement screens, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, height, weight, and body composition.

Health-related assessment: Cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular endurance and strength, flexibility, and balance.

Body composition testing is done in our Personal Training room for privacy. You will be asked your comfort level for testing and all testing will meet participants accomodation and comfort level.

You will be asked to fill out a form asking your height and weight. If you don't know, we will gladly take these measurements for you in the Personal Training Room.

Your administrator will talk you through the process of body composition testing. All testing is done on the right side of the body. Skin fold calipers are used to measure your tricep, subscapula, mid axillary region, chest, illiac crest, abdominal region, and thigh.  Each site will be tested twice. 

Upon completion of your testing, your administrator will calculate your body fat percentage, pounds of muscle, and pounds of fat. 

Testing only takes about 15 minutes and is done individually. 

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call Fitness and Recreation at (405) 325-3053 or email

What to Wear?

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Workout clothes are best and it is recommended that women wear a sports bra.